Michele Baron McCormack

Sales Executive

Office: (949) 574-7600
Cell: (949) 933-0449

Michele Baron McCormack

Michele McCormack is a Newport Beach native who has been long involved in the local boating community. She has been a member of Balboa Yacht Club since 1987, but her family membership dates back to the early 60s. She sailed dinghies competitively through high school and college and currently sails Harbor 20s with the BYC SkipHers on Monday evenings.

A passion project of Michele’s stems directly from experiences during her lifetime of boating; she believes that any woman should be capable and confident at the helm and actively encourages women of all ages to take time at the wheel, seek crew opportunities, and be educated in all the facets of running their boat.

Professionally, Michele’s extensive sales experience in various roles and industries has given her a unique grasp of all aspects of what it takes to make her clients happy and keep returning. Her warmth, intelligence, approachability, and honesty put people at ease. Her experience with a vast range of larger powerboats informs her discriminating taste and will support those who secure her services well. Her knowledge of the boats, the people, and the industry in Newport Harbor allows her to be aware of all and any opportunities in service of her clientele.

Her recent partnership with her brother, Alan Baron, and his extreme industry knowledge gives her a considerable advantage in the brokerage business.  Hire her, but you may need to go to B-1 at Whites in Catalina to find her.