Vic Parcells


Vic Parcells

Office: (206) 625-1580
Mobile: (206) 229-3134

To say that Vic has a passion for the water and boating would be an understatement. Vic has been a professional in the recreational boat business since 1978. A Washington native, Vic started boating before he could walk. As a second-generation boat salesman, he learned how to sell boats under the tutelage of his father at a young age. After years of training from his father, Vic ascended his way up the corporate ladder of boating sales, as he moved into yacht sales. In addition to a sterling sales career, Vic has managed a variety of yachts, has been a fishing guide, and is a skipper along the West Coast. Vic’s vast knowledge of West Coast waters has allowed him to make several trips up and down the Pacific Coast, from Canada to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

As a trusted salesman, Vic has also had the pleasure to deliver yachts all over the world, including trips from Washington to the Caribbean, via the Panama Canal. “I have had the privilege to be a future of the Seattle yachting and boat world for the past 40 years,” says Parcells. “Crow’s Nest Yachts has set a standard of excellence in yacht sales on the West Coast. I am honored to be a partner, and I look forward to continuing to help the company grow in the years to come.”

In 2018 working with renowned naval architect Howard Apollonio Vic founded Apollonian Yachts, a new brand of high-quality affordable motoryachts that combine both form and function. He knows what discerning yachtsmen are looking for and used his background as a boater and a yacht salesman to incorporate details into the Apollonian models that would improve the utility of the boats without detracting from their aesthetics or performance.